Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The IT Crowd Returns

For those of you who've been buried under some kind of...what is it real world people do nowadays anyway? Football or something probably, and not the good kind at that (we're so addicted in my house in Reading).

So, anyway, attempting to get back on track, for those of you with various burial-related deficiencies, The IT Crowd is finally back with a second series. Proof again that enough anonymous geeks signing online petitions can actually get some things changed. Although, admittedly, it's mostly only TV shows that get affected.

The show's brilliantly made, and I'm such a geek now that I can actually relate to most (not all, not yet) of the little snippets and 'issues' they throw in there - from hyperspeed phone vibrators, to oversized TVs, internet piracy (is wrong, remember kids) and all the other fun stuff they throw in there.

Channel 4 have decided not to put every episode online this time (which I'm sure, will convince all of the shows fans to buy it legit, and not just say, torrent it), but plenty of YouTubers and the like have superceded that decision. Here's one of my favourite bits from the latest series - go watch the rest of Channel 4 and buy the DVDs, I want a series 3 guys :)



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Terra said...

know how many episodes are planned for this series?

Why do americans make 22eps while the brits only get 6?

Ina said...

Quality over quantity ;)

Channel 4 originally intended to make 8 episodes but as confirmed on Graham Lineham's Blog, only 6 will be made.

Gareth said...

Quality over quantity?! Rubbish!

The West Wing, The Sopranos, House, ER (the early series), The Larry Sanders Show, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, ... The Simpsons for God's sake!!!

Ina said...

Yup, lots of quantity there.

Rather than short-lived bursts of brilliance such as Fawlty Towers or Father Ted ;)

It's the British way..

Gareth said...

Fawlty Towers? That was made in the 70s!!!!

Anyway, both the UK and the US produce some very high quality television shows . The US produce more quality shows and these shows have longer series.

Some more I forgot last time: Arrested Development, Family Guy, NYPD Blue, The Shield, Prison Break, Numbers, Frasier

Ina said...

What's age got to do with anything?!

I'm still sticking with my original point, that in my point of view (and that of many others), some of the best TV series that have been produced have been British, and have had very short life spans.

American stuff on the other hand, tends to flog a dead horse 'till the end, no matter how well it started out.

Gareth said...

I could provide what I consider to be many counter-examples but it's all down to personal opinion so I suppose we should agree to disagree.

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